Coloursoft magazine was launched in 2011 as a unique online magazine for hair colourists. The last issue was December 2018. The magazine is currently under reconstruction.   


The directors of Coloursoft limited (Tanya and Raymond) have always had an agenda to produce specialised products for the hair colourist. Finally after six years of innovation and testing. Coloursoft are launching their first product... Colourage Meches.

The directors being hair colourists with a wealth of knowledge about the hair colouring industry began looking at many different hair colourists performing the freehand Balayage surface technique. Hair colourists were seen to be struggling with trying to handle cling film to protect their work from transferring onto the underneath of the next layer. We also noticed that the hair colourist had to keep wiping their hands on the salon towels. Thereby bleaching out the colour from the towels giving a very unprofessional impresion of the salon. Finally the times being taken to complete this process was in the hours. Although the results achieved were very pleasing graduations the whole process looked very unprofessional.

Colorage Meches create the perfect Balayage everytime in only 20 minutes application time. Once the selected section of hair is in the Colorage Meche it gives the hair colourist the freedom to either hold the hair taught over the backing panel for creating a freehand design or use the template to create the perfect design every time.