Colorage is a completely new Meche system to make the process of Balayage more professional and simple. The concept of Colorage Meches was developed 6 years ago and during those 6 years we have tested and improved the meches before bringing them to market.
The original idea behind Colorage was to create a product that would give a perfect Balayage every time with a complete application time of only 20 minutes without mess, cling film and damage to salon towels.
The original Colorage Meche does exactly that and only needs very little training. Once you have looked at the online video you will understand enough to get started and achieve a perfect Balayage application in just 20 minutes.
However, since Colorage was conceived. Balayage has evolved into many different applications and effects. For more advanced training in the latest and up to date Balayage techniques we provide the following training packages.
Price: £75.00 plus introductory pack 4 boxes of Colorage Meches £96.00 + VAT= £205.20p
In Salon Training:
Training in your own salon: Price: £300.00 plus introductory pack 4 boxes of Colorage Meches £96.00 + VAT = £475.00.
Group Training:
Price: £200.00 plus introductory pack 4 boxes of Colorage Meches £96.00 + VAT= £375.00.